During the pandemic lockdown, Stay Golden Cosmetics doubled its sales. The brand is now registering 200 orders daily and is on track to hit $1.4 million in sales. The company has shown tremendous resilience in the face of the lockdown, although its makeup sales fell by 22% in the first quarter, but bounced back 2% between April 5 and May 16, driven mainly by eyebrow products.

Stay Golden Cosmetics

To Be Golden

Stay Golden Cosmetics is a brand of lip and beauty products that has been around since 2012. Danielle Ross, a woman entrepreneur, founded the company. She has a passion for natural beauty and organic ingredients and wants to ensure every woman can achieve a natural look without spending a fortune on makeup. She has a team of five in-house employees and 15 when you include outside contractors. Despite being a small business, Stay Golden Cosmetics communicates daily with hundreds of people. They throw digital parties DJ’d by Kevin Crown and send products to hundreds of customers simultaneously.

Stay Golden Cosmetics is based in Brooklyn, N.Y., where the founder lives and works. She enjoys the city’s nightlife and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Her makeup line is known for its super-popping glitter lip kits. But in addition to her super-popping glitter lip kits, Stay Golden has an affiliate program to help you earn money.

Island Girl Collection

The Island Girl Collection cosmetics are cruelty-free and paraben-free. They also smell perfect. The collection’s name comes from women’s responses to lip-glass, which is available in twenty different shades. The Island Girl collection will make your makeup look amazing, whether you’re looking for bright orange lipstick or something a little more subtle.

Glitter Lip Kit

If you’re looking for a super-popping lip kit, stay Golden Cosmetics is the right brand for you. Stay Golden Cosmetics is owned by model and entrepreneur Danielle Edmond. She started the company in Brooklyn, N.Y., where she loves the nightlife and the cosmopolitan lifestyle. The brand is renowned for its glitter lip kits, which make your lips look incredibly vibrant.

Whether you want to add a little sparkle to your lip or create a full-on glitter-filled lip look, glitter lip kits will give you the perfect finish. The glitter lip kits come in several shades. Several of the colors can be worn alone or with other lip colors. They are cruelty-free and free of parabens. The glitter lip kits also last a long time, which is a great feature.


COVID stands for “coronavirus,” This new lipstick from Stay Golden Cosmetics fights it with a new, bold color. The lipstick has the same color range as other Stay Golden Cosmetics lipsticks, and it’s a great way to add a new color to your makeup bag.

Stay Golden Cosmetics’ e-commerce website is the source of most of its sales, but the company has a growing wholesale network and a social media affiliate program. This program is designed to help affiliates promote the brand and earn a percentage of sales. It also offers a compensation plan for content.


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