LucidSound LS31 Wireless Headphone

The LucidSound LS31 Wireless Headphone is a high-quality headset designed for the gaming community. This headset features a high-precision audio output, crystal clear chat, exceptional comfort, and a revolutionary system for easy volume control. The headset also comes with a dual microphone system for excellent voice quality.

Low price

The LucidSound LS31 Wireless Headphone has great features. It has a comfortable headband and metal earcups. It has an LED light for the microphone. It is also compatible with PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox. This headset is ideal for gamers who want superior sound and clarity.

This headset has a good control system. There are two buttons on each cup and a dial, allowing the user to adjust the volume. These controls will enable the user to control the magnitude of the game audio mute. The headset also has a micro-USB charging port and 15 hours of playback time. The audio quality of this headset is excellent, thanks to its 50 mm neodymium speakers. It is also compatible with Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos software, which allows gamers to recreate 7.1 surround sound.

The LucidSound LS31 Wireless Headphones are excellent for gaming. The headband and cups are comfortable and have awesome battery life. In addition, the headset is compatible with PC, Xbox, and Bluetooth. The LS31 also offers good noise isolation. It is a good choice for gamers because of its low price and quality.

The LucidSound LS31 Wireless Headphones are made of good quality metal and feel comfortable on the head. They are also sturdy and durable. The LS31 weighs almost one pound, so many people will be uncomfortable wearing them for more than six hours at a time.

The LS31 Gaming Headset is one of the top-selling headsets in the company’s lineup for 2018/19. It shows LucidSound’s dedication to the gaming headset market. It is compatible with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and has an uncompressed wireless audio connection. This gaming headset also features a 3.5mm jack.

Good battery life

The LucidSound LS31 Wireless Headphone features a high-capacity rechargeable battery that can last up to 20 hours. The actual battery life will vary, depending on various factors, such as the volume and talk rate you use. Nevertheless, this headset usually gets close to this limit with normal use.

The LucidSound LS31 Wireless Headphone is a great choice for gamers who need a wireless headset that delivers excellent audio quality. The headset features a lag-free wireless connection and a lightweight, flexible headband. It also offers good audio reproduction and battery life, making it a good choice for gamers who spend hours gaming.

The LS31 boasts an impressive 15-hour battery life and has a built-in beep system to let you know if the battery is running low. This Bluetooth headset also offers USB charging, making it easy to recharge. It also features a three-preset equalizer to emphasize bass and high-end sounds. The LS31 also comes with a 50mm speaker, ensuring that you can enjoy great sound without the worry of a wired headset.

The LucidSound LS31 has a dual microphone system that can filter background noise. This headset also comes with a detachable boom mic. Its built-in microphones also help you hear your voice and determine whether you’re talking too loudly or too softly. The microphones can also check your voice clarity, making it a perfect choice for streamers.

The LucidSound LS31 is a great option for PC gamers. It’s built to be comfortable and provides crystal-clear sound. It’s also lightweight and durable, which makes it a great choice for long hours of gaming.

Bulky design

The bulky design of the LucidSound LS31 Wireless Headphone can be a turn-off for some people. It’s not breathable, meaning your ears will sweat when wearing it for extended periods. The headset is not recommended for physical activity, especially sports. It is also not portable, as it does not come with a carrying case.

The LS31 wireless headset features a dual microphone system. One microphone hangs from a flexible boom, while another sits on the headset’s chassis. The microphones measure sound levels and are separated by a half-inch pinhole above the boom mic. The microphones determine sound levels within about two seconds.

Another advantage of the LucidSound LS31 is its long battery life. Its battery lasts for up to 17 hours. The headset is rechargeable via USB, and it is possible to replace its battery with a new one after it runs out. This headset is also equipped with a three-preset equalizer, which allows you to emphasize high-end bass.

The LucidSound LS31 has an aesthetically appealing design. The headband is adorned with a metal framework, which makes the headset look luxurious. It also comes with a cable for Xbox Live Chat and features a memory foam earcup.

While it may look bulky initially, the controls are easy to use. The headset has two branded dials on the sides and a button for muting the microphone. There’s also a charging port on the headphone’s right side.

Lack of accompanying software

The LucidSound LS31 Wireless Headphone offers excellent sound quality and is designed to be comfortable. It features dual microphones and built-in microphone monitoring. It also comes with an optional detachable boom mic. A USB connector allows you to recharge the headset. It has a three-preset equalizer for bass, midrange, and high-end sound. The headset is also equipped with a 50mm speaker.

The LucidSound LS31 Wireless is a decent gaming headset. It has plenty of controls and a comfortable design. Its stereo sound reproduces sound well and is a good choice for online gaming. The only downside is that there is no accompanying software. The LucidSound LS31 Wireless is a decent gaming headset but isn’t the best option for gamers. If you need to hear every detail in your game, you might want to invest in a wired headset.

The controls on the LS31 are simple to use. The headset’s large dials let you adjust the volume and mic. You can also charge the headset with a micro-USB cable. The headset’s battery can last up to 15 hours. The 50 mm neodymium speakers are powerful enough to make gaming sounds as realistic as possible.

The LucidSound LS31 is comfortable and well-built. The headband is made of metal, which makes it feel sturdy. The ear cups are made of thin plastic with a metallic finish. The cups are also comfortable, but they are a bit stiff.

Although the LucidSound LS31 Wireless Headphone offers the excellent sound quality, there are a few drawbacks. First, it lacks Bluetooth connectivity. The LS41 is partially wireless when used with the Xbox One. A controller must be connected to the headset to enable chat audio.

Leakage performance

The LucidSound LS31 Wireless Headphones are wireless gaming headphone that supports Bluetooth connections and Neodymium magnets. They provide good sound quality and support the latest gaming consoles, but they have a major flaw: leakage performance. The leakage is more noticeable than on other wireless headsets and ranges from 400Hz to 2kHz. The average level of leakage is 42dB SPL and peaks at 55dB SPL, which is similar to the noise floor in the middle office.

A half-pound pair of headphones isn’t a problem for most people. They aren’t uncomfortable, and the metallic construction looks classy. However, despite their light weight, many people won’t want to wear them for more than six hours a day.

The LucidSound LS31 Wireless Headphones feature good signal strength and noise-cancelling capabilities. While they don’t offer leakproof performance, they are perfect for watching television and gaming. The LS31 Wireless Headset also has an excellent range and should work well even with a large home theatre set-up.

The LucidSound LS31 Wireless Headphones feature a high-capacity rechargeable battery. A full charge lasts about 20 hours. Talk rate and volume affect the battery life. However, with ordinary use, it should be close to 20 hours. This headset also has a convenient quick-access control panel. This eliminates the need to go through separate interfaces.


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